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About Ventures Cera


Our Story

Ventures Cera Limited is a company based in north west London, England, specializing in the wall, floor, and outdoor tiles. The business is managed by two young and enthusiastic directors who have conducted comprehensive research across the globe in order to provide their customers with the most trendy and elegant tiles.

Ventures Cera Limited believes in giving consumers the maximum option and not restricting them to what they see in the showroom so that they can build their homes of the highest quality. In addition to selling ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, Ventures Cera Limited also offers the most special of its glass tiles, which you won't find anywhere else on the market. In order to meet the taste of designers, Ventures Cera Limited may also give its customers the option to buy a wide range of Versace designer tiles. PVC (Cladding) and SPC flooring (wood flooring) options are also available if this is a customer requirement.

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